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We are committed to promote a positive working relationship with all of our dealers and to create the best marketing methods to assist our dealers in distributing the finest in hair related products. We are constantly searching out new and innovative products to make available to the public. From new innovative displays and sales programs, to both associate and client information tutorials, Pain Free Braids hopes you will continually find working with us a common means to meet your finacial goals while hopefully enriching the lives of our clients. 

Product Sales Suggestions

Just a few thoughts that might help you sell more product which will help with your customer satisfaction and hopefully get them coming back .


The main stay of sales. Talk up Root Relief and sell your client a great product they can use at home on their freinds and family.


Talk up Root Relief and make the sale to your client so you can apply during their session. Any remainder would be given to your client to take for later use.

Product Note:

Yes, Root Relief will do its thing and relieve that pain, but as with any product, the effects do wear off. We have found that the relief  works for an average of 6 hours. After that the head trauma will inch back. Always inform your client so they will understand having Root Relief at home so it can be used until their do loosens up. 


The first of the value added sales techniques. Add an appropriate cost of the Root Relief to the initial style. Use the a roll-on during the styling then give the client the remainder. Be sure to relay the information for the future need. Customers always love a freebie and will appreciate you thinking of their future.

USE and Sale:

This is a semi-blind sale. Use the commercial spray bottle of Root Relief. Add an appropriate cost to your styling if you would like. When finished with the pain free do, inform your client of the future pain that they will have and sell them a roll-on Root Relief as the cure. Again you are giving them a superior sevice and looking out for their welfare in the future. 

Product Note:

If you are not presently using Root Relief in the 3.4 ounce spray bottle, you should consider it. With the pin-point spray applicator it can be used for multople clients and is equivelent to 7 roll-ons at a reduced price. You could get 7 to 10 stylings out of one bottle.


Looking for customer recognition? This sale should get you outstanding social media return. Use your spray Root Relief to perfect the ultimate styling and then give them a new Root Relief to take home to cover them later. You make cred’s for the pain free experiance and more with the free continued relief. Consider limiting the added cost for the Root Relief as this one will save you in advertising costs. 

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