4Tress Daily Scalp Conditioner


Developed using ten of the most highly recommended essential oils including Jamaican Black Caster and Marula oils, our scalp moisturizing solution will become your go to oil treatment product. Rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, 4Tress Daily nourishes at a cellular level to reduce itching and flaking, plus revitalizes your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. 4Tress Daily is available in our “DAILY” formula and our extra nourishing “CBD ENHANCED” formula.

Comes with our easy roll-on applicator that gets down to the “Root” of the problem!

Sold by the case of 12- 1/2oz bottles

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4Tress Daily scalp conditioner is created with all natural essential oils and compounds. Each and every oil in our formulation has been well thought out to target specific hair and scalp concerns. Check out the benefits of each of 4Tress Dailys’ unique essential oils and compounds. Here

*4Tress Daily is available in our “DAILY” formula and our extra nourishing “CBD ENHANCED” formula.

Both sold by the case of 12- 1/2oz glass pen with a roll-on applicator. 


DAILY: Oils of: [ coconut, jojoba, morula, avocado, jamaican black caster, tea tree, frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint], DMSO, vitamin E

Application: Shake to activate. Part and section hair. Roll between sections. Part and repeat as needed.

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