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Two innovative all natural products. One designed to ease the scalp pain and trauma when creating beautiful protective hairstyles like Braids and Locs. The other to nourish your scalp with all the finest, healthy nutrients.

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Root Relief Roll-on Oil

Use When Braiding, Twisting or Locking.

Formulated using the moisturizing properties of the finest all natural essential oils combined with the pain relieving properties of hemp based CBD, ROOT RELIEF can ease the pain associated with protective styles. Used during and after your hair appointment, ROOT RELIEF is taking the negative out of an otherwise positive hair experience.

Our roll-on applicator glides between parts to keep your hands clean and scalp soothed!

Also available in our 3.4 ounce spray bottle for professionals.

4Tress Daily Roll-on Oil

Nourish Your Scalp Daily

Developed using ten of the most highly recommended essential oils including Jamaican Black Caster and Morula oils, our scalp moisturizing solution will become your go to oil treatment product. Rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, 4Tress Daily nourishes at a cellular level to reduce itching and flaking, plus revitalizes your scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Our easy roll-on applicator gets down to the “Root” of the problem!

Available in our “Daily” formula and our extra nourishing CBD Enhanced formula.

Why 4Tress Products?

Stop buying hair products while your scalp gives you the side-eye. If you want healthy, luscious, beautiful hair you have to start at the root! Our natural scalp solutions combine ingredients proven to heal, protect and increase health of your hair and scalp.

Curious about the effects of our high-quality Cannabidiol products?

Numerous studies have proven that cannabidiol-based products promote hair growth. An Article in  Happi  by Dr. Sharleen St. Surin-Lord found that cannabidiol “regulates the functioning of the immune system, calms skin inflammation and decreases hair loss..”

14 Problems Girls With Box Braids Totally Get

#4: Having the Braider Laugh at You When You Say She's Braiding Too Tight

Oh, so not being able to rest my head on my pillow later is funny to you? When I said I wanted my edges to be snatched I MEANT THAT METAPHORICALLY.

~Taken from an antidotal article from the publication Allure; written by Keyaira Boone

Let's Hear Some Of The Success Stories

“My hair is always so dry. Two days of using this new conditioner that my braider gave me called 4-Tress and WOW. No more frizz and my goddess box braids made me feel & look like a goddess!”

Q. Jennings
Verified User

“I tried this new 4-Tress Pain Relief on my tender-headed client today and then sent her home with it. She called me hours later and said, “what is that stuff?” My head has never felt so pain free after braids. Can I get some more?”

L. Jones
Hair Salon Owner

I stopped having my hair braided until I found 4Tress Pain Relief. My braider turned me on to a pain free box weave that looks amazing. I took the remainder of my bottle home allowing me a full night’s sleep without pain.

Toni I.
Verified User

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Whether you are looking to alleviate pain, promote scalp health or protect your hair, 4Tress high quality products have you covered.

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