Root Relief Styling Solution


Designed to ease the pain of scalp trauma when braiding or applying extensions. ROOT RELIEF not only calms the scalp, relieving the pressure of a tight weave but adds needed nourishment. Tight braids can potentially cause permanent damage to the scalp and the hair. ROOT RELIEF revitalizes the scalp and strands with vitamins, antioxidants and omega fatty acids plus the pain relief of hemp based CBD.

1/2oz bottle with a roller applicator and a studio sized 3.4oz spray bottle.

Sold by the case: 1/2oz -12 units per case, 3.4oz- 4 units per case

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Relieve the pain when Braiding, Twisting or Locking your hair. 4Tress ROOT RELIEF utilizes the moisturizing properties of our DAILY scalp conditioner and adds the natural relief properties of hemp based CBD to ease the pain associated with protective hairstyles.

Sold by the case: 1/2oz -12 units per case, 3.4oz- 4 units per case

Ingredients: Oils of: [coconut, jojoba, morula, avocado, olive, jamaican black caster, tea tree, frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint], DMSO, hemp cannabinoid, vitamin E

Application: Shake to activate. Spray on scalp around braid knots’. Allow one hour between applications. Repeat as needed to ease pain.


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